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Practice Makes Perfect

Don't try to find the time to make art - just do it! Even if it's during your Tea Time.

Our second video prompt for this month's Opus Daily Practice Challenge features artist, and Opus Granville Island staff member, Tristan Noone. Tristan has been creating art his whole life, but after a 2 year hiatus, he found it very difficult to get back into the habit of creating daily. He had to teach himself how to "practice art" again instead of toiling over a piece trying to create that perfect line.

Watch Practice Makes Perfect with Tristan Noone above to see our prompt: Tea Time drawn right before your eyes! Plus find out more about Tristan and how he uses daily drawing exercises to keep his hands in practice.

Practice Makes Perfect with Renae Kobayashi, aka SleepyKoi

Get back into the Flow of creating everyday with inspiration from Vancouver artist Renae Kobayashi, aka SleepyKoi!

Renae's journey as an artist began back 2015 when she signed up for a month long drawing challenge. During that month she challenged herself to not only practice art everyday, but also to share her practice pieces on Instagram for the world to see. Renae was greeted with open arms as the community embraced her artwork and encouraged her to keep on creating.

Today, her art has evolved from a "want to do" to a "need to do" in her daily life, and Renae now enjoys a major social media following.

Watch Practice Makes Perfect with Renae Kobayashi aka SleepyKoi above to see the first prompt of our Opus Daily Practice Challenge be created right before your eyes! Plus hear her full story on why drawing daily keeps her art practice strong - even in the face of fear!