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Community News

Introduction to Acrylic Pouring

Get your recipe books ready and start cooking up your own unique acrylic pours!

Join Camille & Erin from Opus Langley to discover the versatility of paints, pouring mediums, and additives while learning about professional-grade alternatives to the trending non-archival methods for acrylic pours. Learn how paint viscosity and density plays a major role in how your colours settle in the final pour and get ready to have some fun creating these exciting abstract works of art!...Read more

Opus Langley Celebrating 20 Years!

A big thanks to all of you who have made Opus Langley a huge part of the Fraser Valley’s creative community! To all of the wonderful staff who have shared their passion and knowledge with us over the years, the dedicated arts organizations that welcomed us to the area and who we’ve grown alongside, and to every creative individual who has brightened our world with their curiosity and skill: the past 20 years have truly been a gift and we’re excited for everything the next 20 will bring!

Take it Away: Discover the Magic of Erasers

Used for corrections, to remove sketched marks from a painting, and as a drawing medium in its own right, the seemingly simple eraser takes many forms in the hands of an artist. Since the first erasers became readily available over 170 years ago, this humble instrument has been developed to suit a multitude of media, papers, and techniques. An eraser’s main function is to remove pigment from surfaces, normally graphite from paper. When you draw with a pencil, the fibres in your paper give the graphite particles something to stick to; the key with erasers is they are “stickier” than the paper. As you rub it across the marks on your surface, the heat produced by the friction slightly softens the eraser, allowing the medium to stick to the eraser, lifting it from the page....Read more

Painting With Acrylics Under Water with Naomi Topuzoglu

Granville Island
Sun, September 24, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Sun, September 24, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

September 14, 2017 – Please note: The 2–3:30 PM demonstration is now full and no further registration will be taken. Thank you for your interest! Note: there is still room in the 11 AM – 12:30 PM demonstration.

Join Naomi as she demonstrates a highly unique way of painting with acrylic paints - painting under water!...Read more

Nouveau 7 with Erica Dissler-Hawkes

Sun, September 24, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Sun, September 24, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

September 19, 2017 – Please note: Both of these demonstrations are now full and no further registration will be taken. Thank you for your interest!

Erica will be demonstrating how she paints in her nouveau inspired lines near the end of a painting....Read more